Cerita anak Deddy Corbuzier menghebohkan Netizen

Azkanio Nicola, nama anaknya, membuat sebuah cerita yang diunggah di Youtube. Ia menulis curhatan yang ramai menjadi perbincangan di media sosial, bahkan diberitakan dalam BBC trending.
Berikut, isi curhatan Azka yang diunggah di YouTube:

“My name is Azka, and this is a story of a broken home kid. Mom and dad meet, they fell in love and decided to have a kid. I was born on 04-06-06, they named me Azka.
Everything went fine until iam 6 years old. We have a great family. Mom and dad start to argue on alot of things, and it must be big enough so they decide to divorce. They told me about it, and tell me don’t to worry, and i don’t have to choose between them. I still stay on the same house and i found my dad is more fun to play, so i ask him to stay with me mostly. My mom stay very close to my house and always come to us almost everyday.
They never fight anymore, and we still go to malls and abroad together. I always sleep with my dad because i am afraid of zombie and my dad is strong. And my mom always visit to take care of me. Most people ask what does it feel to be a broken home kid?. But the fact is nothing is broken. They just not husband and wife, but still my parents.
I am enjoying this as much as before and they never fight anymore. When people ask me, do i want them to get back again. I said No. All i want is them to be happy. It’s not a broken home when you still have the same love from your parents. I love you mom. I love you dad. I am happy. Thank you for being the best parents

Banyak orang bertanya apa rasanya menjadi seorang anak yang broken home. Azka pun mengatakan jika tidak ada yang ‘broken’. Deddy dan Kalina tetap orang tuanya, hanya saja mereka bukan suami istri lagi dan Azka menikmati kondisi tersebut. Ia tidak ingin keduanya bersatu kembali jika itu tidak membuat mereka bahagia seperti sekarang.

Azkanio Nikola Corbuzier mengakhiri komiknya dengan menyatakan rasa cintanya kepada orang tuanya, Deddy Corbuzier dan Kalina Oktarani. Sungguh suatu kisah yang mengharukan dari seorang anak yang bahkan belum menginjak usia sepuluh tahun.


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